Teaching in 2017

I am on research leave through to the end of June 2017. See below for information about the subjects I teach at the University of Melbourne

PHIL20038 Nietzsche and Critics: This subject is not offered in 2017. (It will return in Semester 1 2018.)

PHIL20041 Phenomenology and Existentialism: This subject will be offered as usual in Semester 2. Readings for the subject will be available on the LMS shortly before the start of teaching in Semester 2. – For more information see the handbook entry for this subject.

PHIL40002 Recent European Philosophy: This Honours elective subject will be offered in Semester 2. The focus is likely to be on either selected readings in Continental Aesthetics, or on Merleau-Ponty’s late work. However, this remains subject to change, and may not be finalized until shortly before the start of Semester 2. Once it is, this page will be updated (if you’re reading this message, that means it’s not yet finalized). – For standard information about this subject see the handbook entry.

Please note that I will not be replying to student enquiries about these subjects while on leave.